Karen! Oh Karen!

by Tom Jones

Karen is a coder who lives up near the Bay
The boys all come to find her but she just says “Go Away!”
The boys they come after her but she’ll have none of that
That Rufus boy who loved her, on him she just spat.

Karen! Oh Karen! I gave my heart to Karen!
She stomps and spits and chews it up, and leaves me all a-swearin!
I told her I loved her and would follow her for life
And all she did was growl at me and poke me with her knife

That Karen girl she likes boys loud but only picks ’em quiet
And them, you see, they be the ones she wants to throw a pie at
They drive her mad with addled love and adore her till she’s sick
Maybe someday she’ll figure out the good ones how to pick!

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