2005 Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race

The cold rain that pervaded this year’s race caused the mud, which is usually the consistency of warm fudge, to be a brown puddle. Sculptures flew through with speed that probably surprised veteran racers.

Miso the segmented dragon bobs and sticks its tongue out as it rolls
Quicktime movie, 1.4MB, 14 seconds
Platypus trundles its 3500 pounds and nine riders with ease
Quicktime movie, 1.2MB, 11 seconds
Bomb Squad by the Belt Street Pilots’ Association
Quicktime movie, 1.1MB, 10 seconds

I was disinclined to take many photos this year because of the miserable weather. My camera got so wet that the LCD screen no longer works. Tom was not daunted though, and KineticBaltimore.com has a full selection.

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