SqlQueryStress SQL Stress Testing Tool for Fun and Destruction

The March issue of SQL Server magazine has a blurb about a new SQL Server stress-testing tool called SqlQueryStress. It lets you plug in a query and (optionally) parameterize it from the results of another query. For example, a query which has a user ID as a parameter, and it will fill that parameter with values from a query that selects some subset of your users. Very cute.

Anyway, the fun part of this is that the network admin and I have been trying to devise ways to sent lots of traffic to a recalcitrant SQL Server which seems to be suffering from a TCP chimney bug with HP’s NICs for which the fix is to turn off some TCP chimney setting. It randomly falls offline itself, so we want to reproduce the error, turn off the setting, then verify that we can no longer break it. We’ve been trying combinations of copying several large files and running queries, but without success, so today I installed SqlQueryStress on fifteen servers, set it to spawn 200 threads that each ran 24,000 queries (this would cause it to run for about an hour), and let it rip. Within three minutes, we had to shut them all down because we’d flooded the network with so much traffic that our secondary office building down the street could no longer use the internet.

Most fun I’d had during a day in the office in a long time!

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