Can I interest you in some cats?


During a conference call, someone asks, “Do I hear cats screaming?” Why yes, you hear Lazarus and Elvira tearing across the living floor, leaping on each other, wrestling and caterwauling. It’s all in good fun, but it doesn’t take much feline screeching to be too much!



I hear a suspicious tinkle and look into the kitchen to find Elvira licking the butter which I have left out on the counter between slices of toast. As I am chasing her up the stairs threatening her with dire consequences, Lucius takes the opportunity to drink from the bowl of soup I abandoned while pursuing Elvira.



“Meer! Meer!” You had dinner an hour ago. “Meer!” That is utter nonsense, I have it on good authority that you had two breakfasts. “MEER MEER MEER!” No, PETA will not take your side in this discussion, and you’re not tall enough to reach the phone anyway!

When posting new pendants I’ve taken photos of, I go in search of a particular one to measure it for the product listing. I know I left it on the counter … but it’s gone. If you were 12 inches tall and very furry, where would you hide your stash of stolen sparkly objects? I locate a flashlight and look under the stove. Aha! Something glittery under there! I fish it out with a ruler, and it’s a pendant all right — but not the one I was looking for!


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