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Aug 01

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Quality: HD
Title : Rings
Director : F. Javier Gutiérrez.
Release : 2017-02-01
Language : English.
Runtime : 102 min.
Genre : Horror.
Synopsis :

Movie ‘Rings’ was released in February 1, 2017 in genre Horror. F. Javier Gutiérrez was directed this movie and starring by Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz. This movie tell story about Julia becomes worried about her boyfriend, Holt when he explores the dark urban legend of a mysterious videotape said to kill the watcher seven days after viewing. She sacrifices herself to save her boyfriend and in doing so makes a horrifying discovery: there is a “movie within the movie” that no one has ever seen before.

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Jun 07

Hiking with Vibram Five Fingers: Test Drive 1

Why Vibram?

I’ve tried myriad hiking boots and shoes and gotten nothing but grief from my feet in the form of deep-seated blisters that seem to form next to the bone and then make their way to the surface a month later as separated layers of skin, like discovering that your feet are made of fillo dough. I’ve been the most comfortable in Keen sandals (they are my default shoe for all applications), but they have stretchy laces that allow one’s foot to move around and have sub-optimal traction. Since moving from shoes to sandals yielded a drastic improvement in comfort, this seemed like the next logical step.

But You Pronate

I pronate. A lot. When wearing shoes, whether it be for running, elliptifying, hiking or even just standing up for a while, I have to wear a custom-molded orthotic, lest the outside of my foot start to hurt. I don’t have a problem with sandals and flip flops — footwear with no motion control — but I do wear the outsides of the soles off. Pronation

Depending on your school of thought, that makes me either a great candidate for non-shoes or a terrible candidate for non-shoes.

Which Vibram?

Vibram Spyridon

Vibram Spyridon

First, I bought Spyridons from my local REI, which I chose for three reasons.

  1. I could have them immediately and try them out before the next weekend’s hike.
  2. They have plating in the bottom to minimize bruising from stomping on rocks. I do AT hiking, and the AT route in Maryland appears to have been chosen for maximum pointy rock coverage.
  3. They have velcro instead of laces, which I thought would be more secure since the laces on hiking shoes need constant tightening to prevent one’s feet from sliding about.
I wore them around the office for a day, and I discovered that they’re hot. In an air-conditioned building! Socks are necessary to keep your feet from being uncomfortably sweaty, but the thinnest Injinji sock Vibram sells is still too thick to be crammed into a Vibram shoe along with your feet.
Vibram TrekSport Sandal

Vibram TrekSport Sandal

They were so hot that I ordered a pair of TrekSport Sandals because they have holes for venting. I’d initially avoided them because I didn’t want rocks getting into my shoes and I didn’t want laces that would loosen themselves, but there’s no way I could wear the Spyridons in the summer. After a great deal of disappointed googling (other people seem think that the thin Injinjis are thin enough), I found AFX toe socks, which seem to be the thinnest thing available. After wearing an Injinji on one foot and an AFX on the other and walking around the house in the Vibrams, I concluded that they are ever so slightly thinner.


Vibram suggests that you engage in a multi-week transitional program to rediscover your foot muscles, starting with sitting around in their shoes, then walking a little bit, doing foot exercises, massaging them, etc. I’m impatient, and I spend the bulk of my time barefoot or in sandals with no support, so I decided I could skip that. I walked on a treadmill for half an hour without issue, then I went for a short test hike.


With my Keens strapped to my hydration pack in case of disaster, I hit the perimeter trail at Greenbelt Park, a 5.3-mile natural-surface trail with light hills. Nothing challenging, but more realistic than a walk. I went sock-free for maximum ventilation.

I walked on:
Vibram trail sand packed dirt and sand

Vibram trail rocks rocks, which I stomped upon with the middle of my arch to see how protective the footbeds are
Vibram trail roots roots sticking out of the ground, which I took care to straddle with my foot to see how protective the footbeds are
Snake I nearly stepped on a snake while scanning the wilderness for a tree to pee behind.
Log I ran across a log instead of using a bridge because a fearsome forest creature refused to yield the path to me.
Snake I nearly stepped on another snake while getting out my camera to take a picture of my feet.


All of this terrain was comfortable. I especially liked the traction that bendable soles gave me on the log, and I thought with relish of boulders. I had no pronation pain, my foot muscles weren’t tired, and the rocks and roots hadn’t bothered me. I did stub my toe on roots a few times, and that hurt, though not in the way that stubbing one’s toe usually hurts. I wasn’t sure why it hurt — Vibrams, like my one true love (Keens), have toe bumpers.

The laces were a pleasant surprise — they’re not stretchy at all, and the plastic thingy with which you cinch them down grips them very tightly. I didn’t have to adjust them. Vibram sends traditional laces, too, but I wouldn’t install them.

I felt some rubbing, and I knew I was getting a few surface blisters, but they weren’t bothersome enough to cause me to switch to the Keens mid-trail.

By the end of 5 miles, the rubbing had become sufficiently annoying — I was happy to remove the Vibrams when I reached the car. Upon removing them, I found that they had created a lot of surface blisters — probably 10 in total. Next time I’ll wear socks.

Apr 05

Places to Eat in Luray, VA

Having vacationated a couple times in Luray, Virginia, I now feel empowered to opine upon its consumables. Also, this seems like the best way to remember where I want to eat next time.

Tip: If you’re there on a holiday weekend, call your intended restaurant to make sure they’re keeping their posted hours. It’s a tiny town. Sometimes they apparently assume that no one is going to want to eat and just close early without warning. We assumed that restaurants would be open during their advertised hours, and that’s how we ended up at Uncle Buck’s. Don’t let it happen to you.

Places We’ve Eaten

  • Gathering Grounds
    Coffee bar and eat-in/carry-out cafe – delightful atmosphere, polite staff, fast service, yummy food.  Our favorite spot. The desserts are skippable, but the coffee and non-desserts more than make up it.
  • Artisans Grill
    Somewhat upscale food, a little heavy on the grease, and they didn’t have most of the advertised desserts (I normally don’t care, but the sign said pineapple carrot cake, I saved room, and then they crushed my hopes and dreams).  We ate here once and probably won’t again.
  • Uncle Buck’s Restaurant
    Just don’t.  Read Dar’s detailed TripAdvisor review and eat anything else you can lay hands on.

Places We Want to Eat

  • Shenandoah Kitchen
    The restaurant at The Victorian Inn, which looks like a completely innocuous small B&B from the outside, but apparently hides shiny noms inside.
  • Purple Door Cafe and Patisserie
    Another coffee and pastry shop and cafe. They too post nomsome-looking things on the Facebook. Maybe I shouldn’t go … they keep mentioning cinnamon rolls.
  • West Main Market
    Deli with some interesting sandwich options.
  • Fairview Grocery
    Apparently “grocery” means “deli” in Virginia, but the things they post on the Facebook look enticing. I really wanted a delicious homemade pulled pork BBQ sandwich, but we ended up checking out Artisans Grill instead (which, to be fair, also had homemade pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, but I still bear a pineapple carrot cake-related grudge).
  • Speakeasy Bar and Restaurant at the Mimslyn Inn
    I would be inclined to try this, but they don’t have anything my vegan travel companion can eat, so I’m unlikely to get to.