Oct 18

Manic Panic Flaming

Manic Panic Flaming is fluorescent red. It fades to a nice orange very much like Electric Lava and might as well be the same color except that Electric Lava is a tiny bit more orange at the beginning.

Oct 18

Manic Panic Purple Haze

Manic Panic Purple Haze begins as vaguely reserved rich red-purple (not to be mistaken for a natural color, but not as stand-out as blue, for example), but the red disappears after a shampoo, leaving a vibrant purple that is not even slightly violety.

Oct 17

Manic Panic Ultra Violet

Manic Panic Amplified Ultra Violet is a bright, striking violet .. for a few days. This color doesn’t stick well in either the cream or the gel formula. Use only if you’re willing to reapply it every week and can accept that most people think it’s blue.