Jun 30


If I were a bountiful ground sloth, locked up in a sooty fire flue,
I’d pine and I’d moan, in lusty o’ertones, and if that didn’t work, I’d mew.
I’d wiggle and shake and cause little earthquakes of the loveliest iridized hue,
Scattering drops in puddling plops from the branches of nearby dewed yew.
– to the tune of “Time a Bottle” by Jim Croce

Jun 24

Shower Cat

Oh you can find a kitten in the bathroom by the tub.
He’s got his bathing cap on; he’s mewing rub-a-dub-dub!
But when I turn on the shower, this same kitten flees!
He doesn’t want to get in the water and take a bath with me.
– to the chorus of “Epic Moon” by Clare Fader

Jun 21

Tea Pots

by Paul

If I had two pots of tea
(a pot for you and a pot for me)
we would place them upon catapults
(in between doing somersaults)
and launch them afield
to land with great yield
on those we had judged to have other faults.

Jun 21

Buckets of Goo

If I had two buckets of goo,
(A bucket for me and another for you)
We’d carry them both to an upper floor
(I’d choose three but you’d demand four),
And dump them out windows to vanquish our foe
Who we’d observed skulking in the alley below.